New Items

Please thoroughly inspect all purchases on delivery. If damage or manufacturer defect are found at that time, please call us immediately at 253-863-7077. Items received damaged or with manufacturer defect may be returned at no cost for repair or replacement.

We certify that any diamonds contained in your purchase come from legitimate sources which are in compliance with United Nations regulations. We will not carry any merchandise known to contain Conflict Diamonds.

Jewelry is subject to wear and tear from use and we cannot guarantee products against such wear and tear. We recommend that you become familiar with any special care which may be needed to keep more sensitive components of your purchases in good condition (ex. Pearls are softer than many other stones and may scratch more easily). We do recommend inspecting your jewelry from time to time for signs of wear such as loose stones, or parts wearing thin. We offer a full range of jewelry repair and maintenance options in our store and will be happy to recommend repair or maintenance options which we may complete for you at a cost to be stated before completion of said repair or maintenance.

Note: Certain product lines may come with additional warranty features beyond our own. Such additional warranty features will be specified in the product description when applicable.

Estate Items

Selling price offered on estate jewelry reflects adjustment for existing wear and absence of manufacturer’s warranty. 

Estate jewelry is sold in “as is” condition including size. Estate rings may be sized at an additional cost, but this may be limited according to the current size and style of the specific ring. This is because some size alterations may be too extreme for a particular ring to withstand without degrading the design or stability of the ring. 

Descriptions of metal type(s) and stone type(s) are guaranteed accurate. Descriptions of circa relate to period style. No guarantee of actual age unless stated via written appraisal (not included by default, but available for purchase upon request). 

Free Inspection

Visit Chipper’s Jewelry on a regular basis for free inspection of your jewelry.

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