Appraisals & Certifications

Written Appraisals

At Chipper’s Jewelry, we don’t just create and restore your valuable jewelry, we help you protect it. We offer complete and accurate in-store appraisals, backed by two generations of experience. Appraisals are important for your proper insurance coverage, but they are also used for:

  • Estate tax valuation
  • Value comparison
  • Casualty loss
  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Barter purposes
  • Insurance Coverage

An insurance replacement value appraisal will include:

  • Two copies (one for your records, one for your insurance provider)
  • Gem identification
  • Grading analysis
  • A written value assessment for current replacement
  • A photograph of each piece

Verbal Appraisal (We offer an hourly rate.)

Verbal appraisals are typically used by and for:

  • Executor of estate
  • Inheritor
  • Separation or equal valuation for dispersion
  • Liquidation of collection
  • Gem stone identification
  • Preparation to sell

Please note that appraisals do not represent an offer to purchase or replace your jewelry.

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